Corporate Social Responsibility

CISL as part of its social responsibilities aims to assist in the improvement of the standard of living of its Host Community. This is due to our belief that contributing towards the welfare of the people is the only way to achieve harmonious relationship and engender a conducive working environment.

The Company shall continue to identify with the needs and aspiration of its client host communities in the execution of its operations.


Community Relations
We place high premium on community engagements. In this regard, our Corporate Social Responsibility Value (CRSV) is such that we continually strive to develop our community engagement strategies, whilst ensuring that we always channel a reasonable portion of our community investment towards capacity building and the overall economic empowerment of our host communities.

The Company offers employment opportunities for the indigenes. It is the company’s policy that all employees undergo training to enhance their competence thus developing the manpower of the area. They are thus, retrained to be skilled and given more gainful employment opportunities.

The Company shall co-operate with indigenous communities around its work areas and shall liaise with client host communities, relevant government departments etc. in order to ensure a safe and peaceful working atmosphere.

The Company shall source the bulk of her unskilled / semi-skilled labour force from its client host communities. At all times, if any dispute or conflict arises, constituted bodies or authorized persons from the community shall be consulted and liaised with for a common front in achieving the desired peace.