Logistics & Haulage

Whether you are moving a small- or large-scale order of our products from any of our depots to any remote construction sites, we arrange for customized transportation for the entire route on a depot to site basis.

Our Logistics and Haulage division have specialized tankers for supplying and distributing Aviation fuel and Bitumen to our client’s choice of destination. The division can provide you with a bespoke solution either for your requirements or on an integrated solution covering from point of loading to point of delivery with electronic proof of delivery. Our tankers are equipped with GPS tracking devices to give our customers real-time reports of the location of the tankers which enables us to advice days and times of arrivals.

Our team members are experienced transport professionals who know how to develop the appropriate solutions for any of your transportation requirements to make it work for you.

Managing complex transportation for large-scale projects requires experienced, intelligent and knowledgeable personnel who are committed to considering all options, investigating each detail, surveying and identifying potential obstacles, physical and non-physical, and reacting to emergencies with quick and decisive actions.

Our approach is to break down project logistics and transport into essential elements, and then to assign direct supervision over each element. A very experienced officer is then assigned to manage all facets of communication, logistics and transportation operations and becomes the direct liaison with the customer. The success of CISL lies in its commitment to understanding what is required. Our specialists become fully conversant with the requirements of a task and ensure that customer-specified deadlines, HSE aspects and special instructions are strictly adhered to.

Other Services

Bitumen Supply

We supply Bitumen in its 60/70 variant. Our primary objective is to capture a substantial market share by consistently proving how reliable we are in delivering quality products and satisfying our customers.

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Jet A1 (Aviation Fuel) Supply

Whether you are a commercial airline, private flight operator, police or military aircraft operator, jet fuel is the most significant expense that directly affects your bottom line.

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Cybernetics Tankfarm

In 2005, Cybernetics International Services Ltd. acquired a 10,000 metric tons storage capacity tank farm to engage in large-scale trading, storage and distribution of petroleum products within Nigeria. The tank farm is located in Oghara, Delta State and has its exclusive private jetty.

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Our Promise

Our privately owned tank farm enables us to offer our clients competitive pricing and constant supply of petroleum products. Performance, professionalism and integrity are the cornerstones of our company.

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