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Tank Farm

Cybernetics International Services' Tank farm is equipped with the right tools, infrastructure, and skilled workforce to manage the facility productively.

In 2005, Cybernetics International Services Limited acquired a 10,000 metric tons storage capacity tank farm to engage in large-scale trading, storage and distribution of petroleum products within Nigeria. The tank farm is located at Oghara, Delta State and has its exclusive private jetty. The location is central and easily accessible to clients from other regions across the country. This helps reduce the pressure of product distribution from Lagos State, as well as shortening the distance and time for retailers and consequently leads to a reduction in sundry costs for our clients and improving their bottom line.

CISL has since increased its capacity from 10,000MT to 45,000MT with strategic plans in place to expand to 65,000MT in the nearest future.

The tank farm is equipped with the right tools, infrastructure, and skilled workforce to manage the facility productively.


139 Ajagbodudu Rd, Oghareki, Oghara, Delta State.

Storage Capacity

45,000 Metric Tonnes (MT)

Current Storage

10,500 MT

10,000 MT

5,500 MT

6,300 MT

8,300 MT

10,500 MT

Our Tank Farm Niche

The sole user of our private jetty thereby ensuring quick turnaround time for vessels.

Good access road to our terminal and other parts of the country.

Nine loading gantries with a demonstrated loading capacity of 2.5million litres/day.

A timely and efficient delivery system that facilitates quick turnaround time for trucks.

PMS storage tanks & pipes are constructed with an internal floating roof to minimize product loss and environmental pollution.

Twelve (12) inches discharge line with pumps of 1500 cubes/hr capacity.

Spacious truck park within the vicinity for parking of trucks on a call-out basis and adequate parking space for trucks within the tank farm.

First-class medical attention to customers’ representatives and truck drivers.

Terminal fire and safety systems built to comply with international standards.

24 hours of service availability.

Why Patronise us?

Our Promise

Our privately owned tank farm enables us to offer our clients competitive pricing and constant supply of petroleum products. Performance, professionalism and integrity are the cornerstones of our company.

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